I had never considered coaching. I have always been a firm believer that if you are truly successful as a person, you should be able to navigate through times of change on your own and it will make you stronger.

That said, sometimes, a huge amount of change comes at once and a coach can help with the navigation. For me, coaching provided moments of reflection in my very busy life, with someone there to probe, check in and challenge. Asking you the right questions while you work through your life with more perspective than every day living enables. All it takes to get you back on a clear and focused route is to see that route more clearly and to break it down- into the bits that make you more successful and the bits that don't. 

As a result of the coaching process each week, I had actions to take. Taking these gradually made me feel much more in control, confident in my decisions, and successful in navigating the various road blocks that had come my way. It proved productive and succinct in a relatively short space of time and I would highly recommend it.


Kim is an exceptional coach. She is astute, sensitive, warm and incredibly switched-on. Her own experience in the corporate world means that she has an empathy and understanding that can only come with that direct knowledge. She is able to cleverly (and gently) push you to uncover patterns of behaviour, deduce motives for these and then create logical solutions which are your own; you don’t feel that advice is pushed upon you, which therefore comes with the added benefit of your own important ‘buy-in’. Even when we hit spots that were uncomfortable to work through, I genuinely enjoyed every minute of my coaching with Kim and will be able to apply what I learned about myself, for the rest of my career


Having never done career coaching before, I did a trial session with Kimberley and found it such a valuable experience that I invested in 5 more sessions with her.

I found it incredibly useful to talk to an expert, but impartial individual on matters of my career, motivations, work stresses, professional strengths and weaknesses.

She proved to be a perceptive and challenging listener  which together with her knowledge and experience meant I received very tailored and practical advice.

The work with her has left be feeling more confident, focused and motivated-ultimately more effective at work”


Kimberley is a strong and confident coach who is extremely knowledgeable. She was very results-driven has an enormous bank of contemporary thinking and training to support change. This was extremely valuable as it helped me to adapt my thinking by getting me out of my comfort zone. Kimberley is a coach who makes you think hard about your behaviours and drives change. If you are in a position where you want to change your life, she's the one for you. She has enormous energy, knowledge and insight which helps bring the coaching session to life. This is not a passive affair. You have to come to the table ready to jump in and enjoy the ride!


Coaching had an incredibly positive impact both on my mindset and attitude. It was as if a switch was flipped and you see everything that much more clearly than before.

I became far more aware of my own management style and how this would impact my decisions within my professional environment. I learnt a great deal about how to change and adapt in situations that I previously would find stressful. Overall I became much more aware of the bigger picture.

Coaching has massively improved my capability of dealing with issues within the team dynamic and recognizing triggers that would generate a negative reaction. I discovered a lot about my working style and how I approach and manage my team members and how I could improve on this. This is turn has improved my work load and daily stress levels.

Coaching opened my mind and I feel that I can move forward in a positive way to get the best results from situations both for myself, and the team- individually and collectively. I now see the results that I set out to achieve. Coaching a great way to have clarity on end goals and how you will achieve them.

Kimberly is incredibly professional and effective in her coaching sessions, and as a result of the coaching process I have never felt more confident in my day to day work life. I have seen such an improvement and been able to look at everything with a fresh pair of eyes.   


At the start of the sessions I was devoid of confidence, unsure of my ability and lacked the experience within the new role I had taken on. I had a lot of negative experiences from my past weighing me down and was letting them dictate the view I had of myself. With the coaches help I am happy to say that I have been able to break free from the shackles I had put on myself. I really enjoyed the sessions I had and feel like they have helped me to become more like I want/used to be. It was difficult to reflect but thoroughly worth it for the outcome. I would like to thank the Coach for all her hard work with me, it is much appreciated.

I feel more confident and able to enter into any situation within my role and know that I have the skills, compassion and overall ability to succeed in my role. I would recommend the coaching process to anyone who is lacking in confidence or requires guidance on how to become more confident in what they do. This process has been of such great value to me. Thank you.


When working with Kimberley- you have a feeling that she sees through you, gently and curiously. She is highly intuitive and empathic, whilst being very warm and engaging making it easy to trust and be open from the start  so that you can uncover your goals and dreams, reveal your true motivation, aspirations and values. I felt understood and supported.

It makes coaching sessions focused, greatly rewarding and an unusually deep experience.


Whilst going through a period of considerable change in my working life the time spent being coached has been invaluable. Working in partnership with Kimberley has really helped me begin the process of discovering  my ‘true self’. Whilst I know it’s me leading this, it’s the skill and approach that Kimberley brings that enables this to happen.

Kimberley can be challenging and intuitive with her questions and insightful with her observations but at the same time you know she cares deeply about helping you find the best outcome for ‘you’.

Through coaching I have begun to understand what I truly bring to the world, what makes me unique and how I can leverage these qualities to best effect both at work and life in general.  Kimberley brings an authenticity to her approach which quickly builds rapport and trust. You will feel supported and enabled through your coaching relationship with Kimberley and I cannot recommend her highly enough.


I had no experience of coaching prior to embarking on my coaching sessions and therefore I had limited knowledge of what to expect. Kimberly introduced coaching in a clear and informative way and put me at ease very quickly. I feel that the coaching sessions enabled me to see things more clearly and to gave me the opportunity to explore and challenge my thinking in a supportive way. I felt that I was given the time and space to think things through and to discover answers that I had been unable to. 

Coaching was a fantastic experience to help me discover that I had the answers when I felt completely stuck. The coaching sessions gave me time and space and the opportunity to feel listened to which we rarely encounter in our day to day lives. I felt supported and yet challenged and as a result I am more conscious of myself and my thoughts on a daily basis.

I was amazed by how much I felt I could explore and unpick in a short space of time and felt this was down to the coaching process and having time dedicated to self exploration in a guided way. I would not hesitate to recommend coaching with Kimberley - it was an incredibly powerful and positive experience.


It's easy to get overwhelmed by the number of distractions and tasks involved in building and running a business. Kimberley's coaching programme helped me to connect with the right mindset to think more strategically about different types of problems, to identify what can be done to solve them, and to plan for actions to address them. To do so, I liked our sessions having a theme, structure, objectives, a format, and time constraints.
People around me and in my network have been positively affected by the decisions I made during these sessions. Effectively, they have turned into hundreds of meetings, conversations, and business deals that are now moving my venture forward.

Coaching offers a space to spend quality time thinking about what comes next and to understand how it feels like to think in that way so you can go back to that mindset whenever you need to. I would recommend KimberlEy to anyone who is seeking to achieve that type of skill.