Kimberley has over twenty years leadership experience in the luxury brands industry.  She held senior commercial positions at Mandarin Oriental, Armani and Quintessentially having accountability for commercial targets, multi-million pound financial budgets (P+L) and people development before pursuing formal Coach training.

Her corporate background provided first hand experience of the high pressured work environments typically faced by today’s professionals. The experience of working with a wide spectrum of people from  differing cultures assures the expertise to keep the coaching process flexible, agile, and tailor made to the individual.

Kimberley works with senior executives, managers with high potential and rising talent across the private, public, not-for-profit and the charitable sector. They seek to further their personal and professional development to accelerate their achievements, increase confidence, awareness, and gain greater clarity and results for themselves and their business and team.


Whilst working in Hong Kong, I experienced a period of severe physical ill health which led me to reassess my own priorities, goals and definition of success and assess my own work life balance. Or rather, the lack of it.

Despite a background that was commercially orientated, I realised I was considerably more passionate about building teams and developing people, rather than brands and bottom lines. This overarching personal passion led me to pursue formal Coach training.


Clients describe my style as intuitive, rigorous, challenging, supportive and compassionate in equal measure. The Coaching session is results focused supporting others to see possibilities whilst being flexible, fast paced and motivating.

Kimberley Lotery, Leadership & Personal Development Coach

Kimberley Lotery, Leadership & Personal Development Coach

“The best journeys in life are those that answer questions you
Never thought to ask”

— Rick Ridgeway, Moutaineer and Adventurer