"Any man could, if he were so inclined, be the sculptor of his own brain" 

Santiago Raman y Cajal- Pathologist, Histologist, Neuroscientist

As a trained coach and member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), I work with people who are in transition or seeking change, supporting them to add value to their professional and personal lives. My clients are typically highly driven, self-motivated individuals who engage me to assist them in moving forward to achieve focused results.

My role as your coach is to serve as a thought partner and trusted guide in an impartial, non-judgmental and confidential space, supportive of your work and progression. I provide a structure and process, partnering with you to elicit solutions and strategies that are results driven and meaningful to you.

The agenda is yours. How we go about the work is something we design together, identifying how you would define ‘success’ across your personal and professional topics.  Through coaching I will challenge you and hold you accountable for achieving your ‘success’. Partnered with the right coach fit, you will succeed.


  • The topic and goals are clearly defined

  • Behaviour that may be impacting upon your success is identified

  • Challenge through effective questioning, listening, and observation is offered

  • An awareness of your strengths and resources and how to build them is established

  • Actions that will assess and monitor progress against objectives are agreed

  • Accountability for these actions is established


Topics range from and can include: Stepping up to a new challenge or promotion, moving into leadership roles, increasing confidence or emotional resilience, managing stress levels and work/life balance when feeling overburdened, handling relationships and negotiations more effectively, assimilation in a foreign work culture, defining your personal brand, redundancy, coaching following a career/maternity break, recovery from burn out, lack of motivation or getting past points where you're feeling ‘stuck'.


Coaching sessions can take place in an appropriate space as agreed with the client. The sessions can take place either over the phone, Skype or can be face-to- face at the office. 


It is recommended to start with a programme of 6 sessions over a 4-6 month period to release real traction and implement sustainable change. Standard sessions range from 60-90 minutes depending on client preference.


Coaching is not seeking answers from a psychological expert. I will refrain from giving you answers, my role is not to tell you what to do. You are the ‘expert’ on your life and partnered with the right coaching support and structure, will find the right answers, solutions and actions that are unique to you.



“Setting goals, making connections, becoming more aware, seeking breakthroughs and taking action-the ‘stuff’ of coaching –parallel what neuroscientists tell us about how the brain operates”

— Coaching with the Brain in Mind, David Rock, Director of the NeuroLeadership Institute