I had no experience of coaching prior to embarking on my coaching sessions and therefore I had limited knowledge of what to expect. Kimberly introduced coaching in a clear and informative way and put me at ease very quickly. I feel that the coaching sessions enabled me to see things more clearly and to gave me the opportunity to explore and challenge my thinking in a supportive way. I felt that I was given the time and space to think things through and to discover answers that I had been unable to. 

Coaching was a fantastic experience to help me discover that I had the answers when I felt completely stuck. The coaching sessions gave me time and space and the opportunity to feel listened to which we rarely encounter in our day to day lives. I felt supported and yet challenged and as a result I am more conscious of myself and my thoughts on a daily basis.

I was amazed by how much I felt I could explore and unpick in a short space of time and felt this was down to the coaching process and having time dedicated to self exploration in a guided way. I would not hesitate to recommend coaching with Kimberley - it was an incredibly powerful and positive experience.