Whilst going through a period of considerable change in my working life the time spent being coached has been invaluable. Working in partnership with Kimberley has really helped me begin the process of discovering  my ‘true self’. Whilst I know it’s me leading this, it’s the skill and approach that Kimberley brings that enables this to happen.

Kimberley can be challenging and intuitive with her questions and insightful with her observations but at the same time you know she cares deeply about helping you find the best outcome for ‘you’.   

Through coaching I have begun to understand what I truly bring to the world, what makes me unique and how I can leverage these qualities to best effect both at work and life in general.  Kimberley brings an authenticity to her approach which quickly builds rapport and trust. You will feel supported and enabled through your coaching relationship with Kimberley and I cannot recommend her highly enough.