It's easy to get overwhelmed by the number of distractions and tasks involved in building and running a business. Kimberley's coaching programme helped me to connect with the right mindset to think more strategically about different types of problems, to identify what can be done to solve them, and to plan for actions to address them. To do so, I liked our sessions having a theme, structure, objectives, a format, and time constraints.
People around me and in my network have been positively affected by the decisions I made during these sessions. Effectively, they have turned into hundreds of meetings, conversations, and business deals that are now moving my venture forward.

Coaching offers a space to spend quality time thinking about what comes next and to understand how it feels like to think in that way so you can go back to that mindset whenever you need to. I would recommend KimberlEy to anyone who is seeking to achieve that type of skill.