I had never considered coaching. I have always been a firm believer that if you are truly successful as a person, you should be able to navigate through times of change on your own and it will make you stronger.

That said, sometimes, a huge amount of change comes at once and a coach can help with the navigation. For me, coaching provided moments of reflection in my very busy life, with someone there to probe, check in and challenge. Asking you the right questions while you work through your life with more perspective than every day living enables. All it takes to get you back on a clear and focused route is to see that route more clearly and to break it down- into the bits that make you more successful and the bits that don't. 

As a result of the coaching process each week, I had actions to take. Taking these gradually made me feel much more in control, confident in my decisions, and successful in navigating the various road blocks that had come my way. It proved productive and succinct in a relatively short space of time and I would highly recommend it.