At the start of the sessions I was devoid of confidence, unsure of my ability and lacked the experience within the new role I had taken on. I had a lot of negative experiences from my past weighing me down and was letting them dictate the view I had of myself. With the coaches help I am happy to say that I have been able to break free from the shackles I had put on myself. I really enjoyed the sessions I had and feel like they have helped me to become more like I want/used to be. It was difficult to reflect but thoroughly worth it for the outcome. I would like to thank the Coach for all her hard work with me, it is much appreciated.

I feel more confident and able to enter into any situation within my role and know that I have the skills, compassion and overall ability to succeed in my role. I would recommend the coaching process to anyone who is lacking in confidence or requires guidance on how to become more confident in what they do. This process has been of such great value to me. Thank you.