Coaching is an aspect of the UpRising Youth Leadership programme that marks out UpRising as distinctive from other leadership programmes.  A large part of our success in developing our young people as future leaders is the emphasis we place on the personal development of our participants. Such personal development would not be possible without the time and effort coaches such as Kimberley have put into our UpRisers.

Kimberley has been utterly fantastic in working with our UpRisers and has played an integral part in the building and development of their self-confidence, clarity of personal vision and goals, raising their self-awareness and leadership presence in those that she has worked with.

Kimberley's UpRising Coachees have all spoken about how comfortable she made them feel and how quickly they could build a strong rapport with her and gain trust. Kimberley's coaching sessions left them feeling empowered and in control of their future, able to realise that their dreams and ambitions were in their grasps. Such characteristics are the integral qualities of any coach, even more so one that works with young people from disadvantaged communities.