Kimberley’s coaching came at a time that was absolutely crucial for me, both professionally and personally. Coming into coaching I did not know what to expect, but what I did know was that I was lost, with low confidence, and unclear vision of where I wanted my career and life to go, all whilst trying to cope with managing lots of change. Kimberley’s honest, open, and empathetic approach to coaching allowed me to open up in a way I haven’t been able to do before, and I have carried this openness into all aspects of professional and personal life.

Coaching has enabled me to look inward and outward, at both myself, others and to be mindful and understanding of that interaction. My perceptions, ideas and decision making have all been challenged by Kimberley’s coaching, and in the most valuable way. Through this I have been able to open up my mind to thinking previously unknown to me, something that is empowering, but also incredibly humbling.

Kimberley’s coaching has essentially helped me feel in control and confident, not only in terms of the decisions and choices that I make, but also in regard to myself as an individual. Kimberley is a warm character, who truly listens, is incredibly responsive and able to provide a perspective that comes from a place of genuine care.  It wholeheartedly feels an understatement to say this, but Kimberley’s coaching has genuinely changed my life and I couldn’t recommend Kimberley enough.