I’d happily encourage anyone who wants to improve themselves in their workplace/career, to engage with a coaching programme with Kimberley- who’s incredibly approachable, knowledgeable, professional and highly experienced in her field.  We worked together one on one but I would be happy to work with Kimberley in group environments.
As a result of the coaching, I improved my patience, listening and empathy as well as recognising skills that I had previously not thought I possessed. I walked away feeling empowered and optimistic.

I thought Kimberley was excellent. I appreciated the candour and honesty of our sessions and the right amount of communication and encouragement to engage in the process, a font of amazing knowledge and a memory for everything to do with coaching that must be the best in the business. Kimberley showed empathy and managed to steer our conversations back on point whenever I strayed off. All in all, a great experience for me.