Three months down the line from where I started with Kimberley and I can see clear and tangible results. From being able to negotiate and prepare for what has now been a successful promotion at work, to feel confident and assured that I am able and resourceful to take on this new job.

On a personal level coaching has also helped me immensely to understand what my triggers are and my resources and being able to juggle both to maintain healthy relationships, especially the one with myself. I would recommend coaching to anyone who would like to move forward in their personal or professional life but hasn’t quite been able to make the leap on their own. Kimberley is an exceptional professional. Thanks again!


The coaching process raised my level of self awareness relating to my cognitive approach. This has been useful in helping me overcome challenges across the working week. Developing my mindset and attitude has been the most valuable part of the process. Through talking things through it has helped remind me that challenges are to be expected and it is imperative to have a clear long term vision that helps get through the hard stuff.

I found direction around the topic of neuroscience and evaluating my own strengths interesting and useful. From a leadership skills perspective-the sessions reminded me of a few basics, gave me the confidence to look in the mirror and start to tackle some of the procrastination that I needed to address.

I would recommend the coaching process-the main thing is to be as aware as possible of what you want to get out of the programme and be ready to push yourself outside your comfort zone. I liked Kimberley’s direct nature…and was inspired by her knowledge, which assisted in my buy in and commitment.


The coaching sessions encouraged me to reflect on my internal dialogue, my traits and behaviours, and to recognise which ones are no longer needed. I think this has been helpful to consider, minimising the impact that my behaviours may have on other people around me. We have discussed strategies and tactics to deal with handling difficult conversations and conflict.

Managing my boundaries is a challenge.. I have been encouraged to find ways to recognise when I am being stretched too far and to consider the conversations that may need to take place to remain a productive and focused employee, with a manageable workload. I think it has given me a chance to consider my role within the team dynamic and to recognise the positive impact of my interactions with colleagues.

I appreciated the reflection from my coach.. I felt that I was being guided through a process by someone with the relevant knowledge and experience, which brought trust and security to the relationship. Kimberley created the safe space I needed to reflect upon myself at a challenging time.

The coaching programme was much more personalised (than other trainings I had experienced) and it felt that the coach was genuinely interested in helping support the unique challenges that I face as an individual. It was so much more powerful than attending and participating in a series of generic management skills workshops with a wide variety of personalities and characters.