What is 1-1, Group Coaching and Team Coaching?

  • Group and Team coaching is significantly different from 1-1 individual coaching requiring additional skill sets and training to be an effective coach for groups, teams and systems and the added complexity that they entail. A team coach should demonstrate the following:

  • Be able to serve, support and hold multiple agendas in the room at any given time

  • Have a heightened awareness of the unspoken and unsaid, inclusion of all parties and an awareness of systems and their wider context (culture, company, history)

  • The ability to have both ‘one foot in and one foot out’ as necessary to support and aid both individual and team development

  • Demonstrate good ‘team’ behaviours and co facilitation when working with a partner coach

  • Holding multiple roles in tandem (coach, facilitator and trainer)

1-1  Individual Coaching

  • In 1-1 coaching the focus is on one person, you work with them in DEPTH to promote learning, raising awareness and actionable results to propel them forward and incite behavioural change

  • The process is based on the International Coaching Federations core competencies

“Enabling a team to function at more than the sum of its’ parts, by clarifying its mission and improving its external and internal relationships. It is different therefore from coaching team leaders on how to lead their teams, or coaching individuals in a group setting”
— Hawkins & Smith
Group Coaching at COACH HQ

Group Coaching at COACH HQ


  • In team coaching the focus shifts from one to many, you work in BREADTH and WIDTH to draw out the collective wisdom that is in the room

  • As there are multiple personalities in any team, with that comes multiple agendas, lenses, styles, differing culture codes and points of references

  • The coaching process promotes learning, raising awareness, stimulates new thinking, actions and accountability as is standard to 1-1 coaching but with the key differentiator of harnessing and galvanising the collective wisdom and knowledge of the team

  • The process is based on the International Coaching Federations core competencies plus additional training skills and knowledge of how systems operate

“Team coaching is there to help create process improvement as well as to impact on the collective performance of the team. And how they will enable the leadership of others”
— Peter Hawkins
Group Coaching The Drama Triangle

Group Coaching The Drama Triangle

“Helping the team improve performance, and the processes by which performance is achieved through reflection and dialogue”
— David Clutterbuck


  • In teams, the individuals have defined roles, a shared sense of company values, vision, mission and purpose with a shared working history

  • They have a relationship beyond the coaching remit, formal and informal

  • There are often more complexed psychodynamics in the room in TEAM coaching than that of a GROUP who comes to learn as individuals but without a shared collective history

  • A group is typically focused on individual development, and has a periodical relationship, no shared leadership or hierarchies and differing visions, mission and sense of purpose

  • A GROUP  is ‘I’ focused,  a TEAM is WE focused

Coaching Workshop at Imperial College Business School

Coaching Workshop at Imperial College Business School

“Kimberley hosted a successful workshop for Imperial alumni. She used coaching models and conversations to engage alumni on the topic of successful working and personal relationships. They explored how to gain greater confidence in managing people, enhance leadership style and improve team morale. Kimberley's expansive knowledge and dynamic delivery style was a huge hit with alumni and the event received fantastic feedback. We look forward to working with Kimberley again in the future. “


“We bought Kimberley in as a leadership coach in support of retaining and promoting high performing key managers and high performing talent by giving candidates a proven framework to tap into the best of themselves. Candidates reported that the coaching programme made them feel more confident, enhanced and improved their professionalism, work load management and strategic planning, control of their stress levels and greater empathy with their colleagues and in running their teams.
The coachees all commented positively on Kimberley’s style and ease in creating trust and rapport, her experience,professionalism and empathy paired with a good degree of challenge that expanded their thinking to create new solutions for the challenges ahead and to be future focused.

The programmes were very successful and the impact of personal and professional growth and leadership skills truly discernable, thank you”
— Director, Stanley Davis Group
Kimberley is a joy to work with. Her energy, focus and work ethic is fantastic. I always look forward to working with her and clients are always left wanting more. I will continue to work with her for as long as possible.
— Kelvin Downer, Founder, Pursuit Comms
Kimberley has held several group workshops for COACH covering topics around the power of coaching, how to have more generative dialogue, enhancing your leadership style and improving engagement and morale in teams as well as working with the wider system-culture and company.

 The workshops were a perfect balance of being both educational and experiential-with a great mix of theory and behavioural models from some of the key thought leaders in the field of coaching, neuroscience and systemic theory paired with action’ learning by doing’.

The group feedback was incredibly positive with attendees commenting on being really engaged  both with the content and Kimberley’s style. Thankyou.
— VP HR Tapestry Europe & Coach International